Easy Peasy No Fuss "Detox" Ideas

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By Annabel Wyatt

So apparently the age of the detox is dead! Check out this article .

I was never that into the whole idea of “detoxing” yourself after the holidays – I mean, who has the time to think about slapping rainforest muds on our face when you’ve got to get the kids back off to school (or worse, find constant entertainment for the last few days of the holiday), go to work and make dinner afterwards?

I need a way to get healthy and “clean” with minimal fuss and super quickly, basically try not to eat crap for a few days, easier said than done…

Stay booze free mid-January to February – with New Year’s parties, extra Christmas tipple and booze flavoured chocolates still doing the rounds well into January, it’s probably easier to declare a month over lapping January and February a sober month instead. You could always end your month of sobriety on Valentine’s Day perhaps? And declare a celebration of your achievements hehe!

Invest in some great water bottles – If you’re always within a thirty second reach of a bottle of water, chances are you’ll be drinking so much more. I find, if I drink a decent amount through the morning, I’m a lot less inclined to slump at 11 am and need snacks to keep going. The same can be said for that naughty 3 pm slump too, where the biscuits can make a deadly appearance! Try these bottles and get glugging:

Plan your snacks and salads – This is so much easier than planning actual heavy meals, which require a lot of preparation and cooking in advance. Simply chop up salads, cucumbers, carrots – whatever you want! Keep them in separate small containers in your fridge and use as your own personal salad bar. Feel peckish for a snack – grab a small bowl and load up with salad and a few nuts to top…

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