Dry Skin? Try Yum Yum balm

Dry skin? Soothe, moisturise and protect you skin from the sun… It’s our all singing, all dancing (Beauty Award Winning) Yum Yum balm!

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray… But don’t forget to protect those luscious lips of yours! Introducing our 100% natural Yum Yum balm with SPF 10…

Our lips are always the ones to be forgotten about when it comes to skin protection… Well, for me anyway! Which means I usually end up being in a panic when they’re already hot and itchy, and then smothering them with sun cream- Mmmm, tasty :/ !

Our Yum Yum balm however, is a super smooth multipurpose balm it can be used as SPF 10 for the lips, but also on the face and for many other things too. It’s a must-have-in-the-handbag type of balm that treats lips, dry patches, can ease headaches, is baby safe and it’s vegan too! We have been busy making hand-making fresh batches to have new stock ready for you for the summer.

Here’s some Yum Yum balm stats and facts:

– It’s vegan due to the olive wax replacing bees wax 🙂

– It has a natural, non-chemical SPF 10-15 from Zinc oxide and Titanium Dioxide

– Superb all rounder! Handy pocket size balm for lips and skin (multi-purpose)

– Non-greasy 100% natural alternative to vaseline, rather than blocking skin and acting like cling film over it (which is what Vaseline/ petroleum jelly does, this natural beauty helps boost skin with vitamin E for tip tip healthy skin!

– Baby friendly and good for dribble rash

– Our Lemon balm is good for cold sores- to protect, prevent and heal

– The Rose & Geranium balms smells divine as well as being anti-ageing due to the oils being cell rejuvenating

– Plus our Minty one is great for festivals and gives lips a plumped up tingly fresh feeling. It can also be used on temples to ease mild head aches or to revive you!

Get in touch and let us know what you use your Yum Yum balm for 🙂

Alice & Suzie

Yum yum spf10 skin balms

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