DIY Coffee & Coconut Scrub

Every morning my partner makes fresh coffee and every morning coffee grinds get thrown out. So I got thinking why the waste? Surely there can be a use for these left overs, so naturally I thought of skincare and hey presto BODY SCRUB! (Coffee grinds are also good for the garden, this will come in a later post)

Because we can absorb harmful chemicals though the skin its a great idea to be conscious of what we put on it, keep it as natural as possible. Thats why I love making my own skincare and this scrub is fantastic because it is 100% natural and works like health food for the skin. If you want super soft skin then use this its amazing for smoothing away rough skin and could even help reduce the appearance of cellulite.
I love a scrub for bringing life back to my skin especially in the winter when it can get so dry.

So how do you make it?

homemade coffee scrub with coconut oil

You will need:

A bowl, a metal spoon & fork, Pestle and mortar (optional), Jars to put scrub in or sealable foil lined coffee packs


  • Half cup coffee grinds, if you want you can crush them a bit more in a pestle and mortar.
  • 100ml apricot and or almond oil or 50/50 of each.
  • Quarter a mug of coconut oil (I used solid in refined with its natural fragrance) if it’s solid you need to melt this, if its liquid then use 50ml. 
  • 500g Dead Sea salt (you may need to add more if mix is to runny)
  • 10 drops of vanilla extract

Mix all together in a bowl and then divide between jars or foil sealable coffee bags.
Rub over skin, works best on damp skin or scoop out some mixture and add a few drops of water if mix is to dry, rub and massage all over body and rinse off with water. Warning – a bit messy!!!! ENJOY! 😄💋🛁🚿
I have given samples of this out to a few willing human guinea pigs to try out so check back for reviews soon and do let me know if you try this if you like it. UPDATE Jan 3oth READ ALICE’s REVIEW at the bottom of the post 🙂

Review by Alice:

“Well well well… What a delight!

When first opening the glass jar to this test pot of Coffee Scrub and giving it a sniff, I was slightly disappointed. It didn’t really smell how I expected it to. But boy does that all change when you rub it on your skin!
I opted to use the scrub all over my body (not face!) and paid special attention to my elbows, knees and feet.
The consistency is grainy from the sea salt and coffee, but with the moisture of the coconut and almond oils. When rubbing it into my skin, the coffee scent really wakened me… And kind of made me want to eat it! Be careful though… If you have any cuts, the sea salt will make them sting! As I realised with a paper cut on my hand.
After working the scrub in all over, I used extra on my feet, elbows and knees. A little goes a long way with this though, I only used about a third of the pot that Suzie gave me.
When rinsing off the scrub, my skin felt energised and moisturised. You can really feel the oil working its magic, even when you’ve rinsed it off.
All in all, this is a great little scrub and I’m definitely going to use it weekly from now on.
Get that winter skin glowing and give it a go!”

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