DIY Clay Face Mask

Hello there! After a few requests I have made a quick tutorial video on how to make up a DIY clay face mask. I hope you find it useful.
The mask I have made here is made with Olive Green Clay powder and pure Floral Water of Geranium & Lavender. Its quick and easy to make, a very effective mask at drawing toxins and impurities from the skin (it can even help draw out splinters!), so its great way to start to clear black heads and is good at drying out spots, a good remedy for acne on the face and neck. Its mineral rich and can help encourage skin healing, after using it leaves skin feeling toned and tightened like a mini face lift! It exfoliates leaving skin feeling super soft and rejuvenated.

To make mask you will need:

  1. 1 heaped tsp of Olive Green Clay powder
  2. 2.5 tsp Floral water (Geranium, Lavender, Rose or Neroli work well for acne) or bottled spring water (if you use tap use filtered cooled boil if you can)
  3. 2 drops Face oil (optional)
  4. Aloe vera gel (optional – I dont use this here but you could add 1/4 TSP instead of some water)
  5. Muslin face cloth
  6. A hair band – to get hair off face out of the way
  7. Small bowl or even an egg cup
  8. Tea spoon
  9. Chop stick! (I love to use one to mix with :))
  10. Remember this is not an exact science feel free to experiment!

To use the mask follow these steps

  • Once clay mask is mixed apply paste to the face (I also include the front throat area of my neck). Take care around the delicate eye area, most apply the mask up to the eye socket area, (I actually carefully include my eye area but if you do do take care to not get it in the eye and remove very gently, damp back down the clay first).
  • Leave the mask on until clay is dry (about 5 to 10mins but not long enough that it totally flaking off.
  • To remove its best to use a muslin cloth, but first start by dampening hands and pressing them over face to damp and soften down mask again,  this is so you can then massage it off in small circular movements (I will be making a video of this soon). Once you have massaged mask mostly off you can then use the muslin cloth to remove the rest.
  • Pat dry skin and try to leave skin for at least 20 to 30 mins before you use any other product, this lets the skin start to work for its self and for the natural PH and oil balance to start to restore.
  • Best products to follow with are a pure oil free Floral water toner and then press a few few drops of our Brilliant face serum oil with anti-acne and rosacea easing formula over face and neck.

For best results use a clay mask once a week, if you have very oily skin you could use on your T-zone a few times a week.

Do not inhale the dry powder, Patch test first if you have sensitive skin. Clay can stain light coloured clothing so take care when using and watch out if you have pristine white towels.

Remember to have fun and enjoy! 🙂

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