CBD Patches, what are they & how do they work?

CBD patches are an alternative way to deliver CBD into the body, they are legal in the UK. CBD patches use the same ‘transdermal’ technology method to deliver CBD (cannabidiol) as Nicotine patches do to deliver nicotine and HRT patches do to deliver hormones to our bodies.

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This makes CBD patches the perfect option for people who want to benefit from the pain reducing and anxiety calming properties of CBD but, who might be cautious about taking the oil, or perhaps are travelling and a patch would be easier to use. CBD patches are simple to use, discreet and can steadily deliver CBD for 12-36 hrs (depending on the patches specification).

It is important to remember to introduce your dose of CBD slowly as it may accumulate in the body over several days use, meaning you can gradually use less.
Because everyone is individual the way and speed in which you feel the effects and benefits will differ. Should you want to start on a half dose you can cut a patch in half, corner to corner (diagonally).

CBD Patches for Tennis Elbow

“One of my clients was suffering with chronic pain from tennis elbow.
He had been taking Ibuprofen and paracetamol and having no relief at all. He got in touch to ask which CBD oil to take to help reduce his pain, I suggested he tried using a CBD patch locally on his arm first.

He used the patch on his inner elbow (as its more venous there and the CBD will absorb better) within 20 minutes he felt a relief, the pain dramatically reduced. He was very surprised how quickly it helped and how effective it was.

This also helped improve his mood – he said it gave him a break from the pain, enough to feel like he had his life back. And by combining CBD patches with the Purple Edition CBD oil (Indica dominant strain) and some specific changes to the way he used his arm he made a full recovery”

Suzie of Soothe-me

How do CBD Patches Work?

  • They deliver CBD transdermally via the skin directly into the bloodstream, because they deliver the CBD this way less CBD is required to obtain the same benefits as taking it another way. 
  • CBD patches deliver a standardised dose of CBD steadily over time
  • CBD patches deliver CBD quickly to area around the patch this can be beneficial for reducing localised pain
  • CBD patches are really efficient – The CBD in the patch is drawn from the high concentration area to the low concentration area through the skin’s surface and delivers more of the active ingredient to your system that other methods.

CBD patches work in the same way as nicotine patches and HRT patches do

Suzie of Soothe-me

Benefits of using CBD Patches

CBD patches deliver CBD to our endocannabinoid system transdermally (via the skin and absorbed directly into the bloodstream). This means the CBD can bypass the digestion, lungs and liver, where some would be filtered out, this form of application allows for better bioavailability. It also means that a higher percentage contained in the patch is absorbed by the body. 

Some research benefit highlights include:

– Delivery of a steady standardised dose of CBD
– Delivery of CBD gradually over 24hrs
– Localised anti-inflammatory activities
– Localised pain relief
– Minimal adverse effects

Conditions and symptoms that CBD patches can help with –

CBD patches are especially helpful to target localised pain, by blocking pain receptors and reducing inflammation, they can also target and reduce muscle, tendon and nerve pain. I use them to reduce hormonal symptoms of PMT and period pain, especially lower back pain than can come with your period. CBD patches have been used by people to help reduce symptoms of:

Myofascial Pain
Localised Arthritis
Tennis Elbow
Plantar Fasciitis
Back Pain
Neck Pain
General Anxiety
Muscle Tension
Painful skin conditions
PMT and Period Pain Relief

Where should you wear CBD Patches?

The best place is on a more venous part of the body and where it will be comfortable to have a patch stuck to. Make sure your skin is clean, free from oils and creams, ideally free of hair and not somewhere that will sweat! Also keep out of water so avoid showering or swimming with it on.
If you are using for localised pain apply it to or as near to the area of pain as you can.

Places to try
– Outer or inner upper arm
– Inner elbow
– Inside of the wrist
– Inner elbow
– Back of the neck (headaches & TMJ)
– Lower back, near spine
– Behind knee
– Top of foot – where most veins are
– Inner side of the ankle

Are there any side effects of CBD Patches?

There are very few side effects of CBD in any form and even fewer side effects when using CBD patches. Because patches deliver CBD at a slower rate and gradually over time.

If the dose is tot high for your body will let you know and simply remove the patch for 24hrs and shoud you wish to reintroduce at a lower dose. So symptoms and effects that the dose is to high for you might be

Dry Mouth – some CBD takers have reported dry mouth after using CBD. This is a very minimal side effect when you compare it to harsh side effects of opioids, other pharmaceuticals and OTC painkillers.

Altered Appetite – CBD can reduce and increase appetite.

Other symptoms – Head ace, nausea, feeling jittery or over stimulated could be your bodies way of telling you that the dose is higher than you need. Simply remove all patches and stop taking any other CBD for 24hrs and see how you feel.

Dosage – very important to start low & go slow

It is always advisable to initiate your use of CBD at a low dose and gradually build it up until you find the dose that works best for you. Always seek advice of your medical practitioner first if you are already on medication or under any medical treatments.

A study in postgraduate medicine has examined the effect of CBD on people with chronic pain who used opioids to suppress the pain. Of the 97 participants, 94% reported improved quality of life when taking a CBD product. More than half of the people who added CBD to their treatment regimens reduced or discontinued the opioid use after eight weeks. More extensive studies could help investigate these results, but they suggest that CBD may reduce some of the risks posed by other pain management methods.

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This information here is intended only as a general reference for further exploration, and is not a replacement for professional health advice. This information should be used only under supervision of a qualified health practitioner.