Brown Butter Banana Bread

Easy Bake – Brown Butter Banana Bread
Inspired by @millitaylor thank you to @sheelcooks for sharing that inspiration 😊🔮

Watch the video here

• 180g butter
• 40g demerara sugar
• 100g muscovado sugar
• 2 eggs
• 2 overripe mashed bananas
• 110g self-raising flour
• 40g Coco powder
• 2 tsp baking powder
• 80g chopped walnuts
• 50g Chopped dark choc
• 2lb loaf tin

MAKE (the way i did it)
Melt butter a bit, add the 2 types of sugar, mix
Add mashed bananas, mix
Add eggs, mix
Add all remaining dry ingredients, mix
Add chopped dark choc, mix
Pour out into loaf tin – i lined tin with flour.
Bake on 170 for 50 min, check, then i gave 10 min more.
Eat some when warm its SO DELICIOUS

& the second time I made it…

I remade this is Jan 2024. This time I did add the rum that Milli adds. I put in 1 tbsp Dark Rum and a little extra dark chocolate, I didn’t have many walnuts so I added pumpkin seeds and chopped cashews and almonds too. It came out a little richer and darker, still just as delicious! Thank you Millie Taylor!