Book of the Month – The Forager’s Calendar by John Wright

Hello everyone!

I recently purchased this book called The Forager’s Calendar. I am always on the lookout for foraging guides, information and interesting websites, so it wasn’t a shock to anyone I just had to have this book, too.

The book comprises of 4 types of foraging groups, Plants, Fungi, Seaweeds and Invertebrates. As well as that, it has a comprehensive list of what one can find throughout the year, conveniently divided into twelve chapters (January – December). Each item has a short description with a clear photo.

As a keen forager, I’m sure I’ll be studying this book and getting out into the nature to find as much as possible!

If you decide to buy this book, let me know what you think and if you were able to identify anything!

You can read more about John here on his website
and you can find his book and some other great books here

Till next time,

Ellie + Suzie

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