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Berry Picking Outside of London – PYO Fruit!

Berry Picking Outside of London – PYO Fruit!

By Jun 28, 2019 0 comment

Hello everyone!

Last weekend I went to a farm just outside of London for some berry picking. I went last year and loved it and this year didn’t disappoint. I love foraging (as you might have noticed) and this isn’t far from it. If you haven’t heard of the concept or PYO (Pick Your Own) fruit, then here goes!

How does it work? 

The whole idea is that you go and pick your own fruit. The best thing to do is to arrive early (before all the juicy berries are gone!). Once you arrive, they’ll weigh your punnets. If you don’t have any, they sometimes let you buy some from there. Then, go as far away from the entry to the pollytunnels/rows of fruit as possible. Most people stay at the beginning, I don’t know why!



What fruit do they have?

Check their website. Pick whichever fruit you fancy. When I went, the only available fruits were strawberries and gooseberries. The weather hasn’t been good so it makes sense. However, cherries, blueberries, raspberries are still to come! I’m very excited about that.




And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have been berry picking, let us know in the comments!

Till next time,

Suzie + Ellie

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