The internet is not for everybody!

Today I received something that made me smile, a Christmas order from a lovely lady called Barbara Sedassy. She had sent me her order by the traditional method of post, what a lovely personal touch! It just goes to show that the online shopping is not the only way to shop these days.

Barbara’s order was on gorgeous sunny golden paper and also enclosed was a stunning picture of one of her latest paintings. ‘VJ’s Garden’ from a beautiful series called Gardens for Jonny. In memory of her amazing son and my friend Jonny (Rhythm) Sedassy.

So I am busy doing a little doodle to send her back. Maybe this might inspire you to write a little note, to get your pastels out or to do a simple doodle. Then in a nice an old-fashioned-way why not post it to some one you care about to make them smile. 🙂

Barbara Sedassy