Baby Massage & Yoga

Suzie also runs parent and baby massage and yoga classes in and around East London. Suzie says – “As a mum baby massage and baby yoga helped me re-gain fitness, to form a stronger bond with, and to gain deeper physical awareness of my little son. For me teaching classes is the most rewarding part of my day”

Developmental baby massage – This style of baby massage combines massage and movements (soft gymnastics), encouraging you and your baby to relax and have fun together. Regular practice helps build your confidence and will help ease birth trauma, colic, constipation and Eczema.

It can help improve sleeping and to calm babies with reflux (it helped my son). Massage works muscles and the joints, increases flexibility, improves skin condition and teaches you a lovely skill for life.

I teach lovely small groups for high personal attention in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Organic massage oil provided for each class, baby massage classes are run from Bow Quarter in East London, E3. For more visit our site: or email


Baby yoga is great fun for parent and baby, It can boost your babies development, improve your strength & fitness! Classes are fun and lively, they provide babies with physical and mental stimulation through a variety of gentle exercises, movements, rhythm and song.

Regular sessions can help with flexibility, posture and language development and because is it a joint practice between you and your baby it is a lovely way to stretch, play and get fit together. For mums classes include yoga based stretching & postures, core strengthening & cardio exercises, relaxation and shoulder massage to finish.







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