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Hi everyone, I would like to tell you a little bit more about chlorella. It is a blue-green algae, similar to spirulina, that has been growing in popularity. In this blog post, I’ll explain what exactly it is, what its benefits are and how you might use it. What Is It? As said above, chlorella is […]
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Wild Swimming!

By Jul 03, 2020 0 comment
Hello everyone, While the heatwave has come to an end for now, I would like to share my experience with wild swimming. I am from the Czech republic and over there, we love it. We have lots of lakes, reservoirs and rivers and during summer, we use all of those for cooling down. It’s become […]
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Big Eat In! By Bankuet.

By Jun 26, 2020 0 comment
Hi everyone, You may have seen in the news that around 7 million adults had reduced portion sizes because of the lack of money. Are you keen to make a difference to people in need but concerned that your money isn’t being used efficiently? Till now, food banks have operated on little to no technology […]
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Cotton eco face masks for public transport

Facemasks & covering

By Jun 04, 2020 0 comment
Face coverings will become mandatory on all public transport in England from 15th June 2020 Blog post by Ellie. Hello everyone, I’ve noticed when I am out in East London, even though its busy, very few people wear facemasks. I have been wondering about this, I know its a choice to wear one and not […]
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My Lockdown List

By May 28, 2020 0 comment
Hello everyone, I was thinking what my next blog post would be and then I remembered that I am always looking for inspiration of things to do at home… So I thought maybe I could inspire you with some of the activities I’ve done! Anything to keep life interesting! Read a Book I’m sure this […]
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Staying Sane During Covid19 Lockdown

By Apr 22, 2020 0 comment
Hello everyone, The past 2 months have been about Covid19. What’s been happening has been horrific, so I am writing this blog post to lighten the mood and try and help people see the positives, as hard as it is. I was talking to my uncle Peter, who is from South Africa. He was telling […]
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