Anti Acidic Food – Cystitis

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By Annabel Wyatt

It’s that time of year again, the weather has turned, it’s colder and we’re all feeling a little bit under the weather.  Our immune systems are lower so we are all susceptible to a few bugs and germs…

I don’t know about you, but when my immune system gets knocked about a bit, I often get a bit of cystitis.  One of the most annoying ailments you can get, am I right ladies? It’s also one of the most common health complaints for women, so why do we not talk about this more?

Here’re my basic tips on keeping that all infuriating cystitis at bay…

Keeping your “downstairs” nice and clean

When I was a little girl, I had bout after bout of bladder infections.  Turns out, I’d always been wiping the wrong way! Gross, I know but when all this feminine hygiene stuff finally hit me in my teens, I was away! I’d never felt better! So umm thanks for that – rubbish HPSE lessons…

Staying hydrated

Everyone is always banging on about the importance of drinking plenty of water, and I am especially keen on this ideal around cold and flu season. Flushing out toxins and viruses makes me feel a lot better all year round.  Even when the answer seems to be a massive hot chocolate and a glass of wine or two, just drink a pint of water at the same time! Get one of these Camel Bak bottles in your life – you’ll get through so much more water.

Getting a non acidic diet

One of the best ways to make your diet more alkaline is to cut down on your sugar in take. When processed through the body, sugar can become highly acidic. Try to drink some hot water with lemon (becomes alkaline in your body) and eat more vegetables and greens, try our recipe pages for more ideas.

Boosting your immune system

Cutting down on sugar and eating more greens are a great way to boost your immune system naturally. To give it little helping hand, try an anti bacterial supplement. I take Allicin Max – a garlic supplement- and feel it really helps me when my immune system is low.

If your still having symptoms of cystitis after 2-3 days, best contact your GP. Reading Angela Kill-Martin’s book can help as it’s full of simple advice and facts.

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