Also Festival – What We Got Up To

Hello everyone!

I thought it might be nice to tell you all how we enjoyed the Also festival in Warwickshire. We had a blast, we were a good group of people, we partied in the evening in our sequins and glitter and during the day were “one with nature”, I went to a foraging course and also a haiku course with a tea ceremony. It was so much fun, they had so many activities that were right up my hippie, well-being alley and I can’t wait to go again next year.


 Suzie, after having given a glitter workshop. Not a bad look, I say!







I had this glitter done by Lucy. And I loved it!







This is Tuanne, giving one of her wonderful massages. They were in great demand!







Lucy was busy all weekend, with kids to grown ups coming to get their face painted/glittered up.





Nadine was a wonderful bonus to the gang, she helped Suzie and Ellie out whenever they needed help/felt overwhelmed. Thank you!




And this is a photo of all of us together. Hopefully, you can join us next year, too! 





Suzie + Ellie