Customer Testimonials

Soothe-me products are the best I have used. I love the divine skin serum, because it contains genuinely effective antioxidant ingredients. My skin glows, feels hydrated and nourished. Thank you Suzie for using good quality ingredients and putting in lots of love into them. Sonal – Nutritionist


Your Dry Skin Fix cream and Super Baby oil worked on my daughter. As soon as I stopped using them the eczema returned so using them is a must. Sue, South Oxfordshire


The Rose Bloom spritz is brilliant to hydrate the skin. I need to buy two more bottles of it. (I spritz my face every morning before makeup) Many thanks, Kate, Oxford


The soothe-me hardworking hand cream has been a real pick-me-up right now, as I’m full of cold! Thanks again.Fran, Stockton-on-Tees


I am loving all of your products but particularly the sensitive hand cream– except that I don’t restrict it to my hands- my face, my elbows and it is gorgeous, so creamy and I am able to use it on my skin, even my face without reaction!!! Perhaps it would be too rich for younger skins but for my more mature skin it is just fab! Anne G


Thanks so much for getting back to me! Great service on a follow-up question! Great customer Service, thank you! Larissa, Oxford


I’ve been a fan of yours for only a short time but I am hooked!!  I received a hamper of treats as a gift (i recently had twin girls) with goodies for me and the babies. Amongst them was your brilliant Rose Yum Yum Balm. I’m so pleased to have found it as this is truly something else!  Michelle Pit, Uxbridge


Dear Soothe-me, I received some of your products as a Christmas present from my son. Your face creams are the best I have ever used and the organic and ethically sourced ingredients a bonus! Jane Hughes, Braintree


Wow i love the smell and the name of my Bump & boobs oil, I think it has helped keep stretch marks away!  Bec, Artist & Mum. Watford


Thank you so much for my items, not only do they smell and feel wonderful, the whole experience of opening such a carefully presented package really was lovely. It made my day! Leila H, Devon


Since discovering your lip balms there is no going back, i’m addicted!! Teresa, Leytonstone


Soothe-me’s Refresh hand cream is the best most beautifully scented cream I have ever used. Its the only cream I have found that has healed my hands. Lisa, London Fields


I suffer from Eczema since birth. I work as a model, so I need to have a good skin Always. The Super Baby Oil and the Happy Skin Cream are Essential for my life. I’ve tried so many doctors for 20 years, until I decided to go natural, even after that, I still couldn’t find something efficient, without having to use steroids, and steroids always make the next flare up even worse. Another thing to keep in mind is your Diet. Its is a very important part of the healing process. As  i’m always traveling, I always make sure i have enough Soothe-me in stock! The Super Baby Oil I apply after shower, so it reduces inflammation, the skin can still breathe, keeps the skin moisturized, just enough not to get itchy (little tip:i got wet eczema so to moist is bad, you need to find a balance btw dry and moist). The skin on the face is very sensitive, and it needs special care. So for the face i use the Happy Skin Cream, which is very gentle and rich. I still apply the Super Baby Oil 2 to 3 times a week on the face. I Hope this helps people out there who suffer with skin problems, i know how hard it is to live with it, for me it feels like a roller-coaster I never intent to ride! One last thing i find important is my emotional state, a big part of Eczema is psychosomatic, so stay positive, love your skin,yourself. Love Heals” Tuanne, from Brazil, living in London