Developmental Baby Massage

Suzie is a holistic wellbeing practitioner who teachers developmental baby massage, she is based in East London.

Suzie began been teaching developmental baby massage in 2008, helping parents to connect and bond with their babies. Developmental baby massage is a wonderful tool to learn for life and it can be really helpful for babies that are unsettled, premature, babies with torticollis/wry neck (neck turned to one side), reflux, colic and digestive issues. Suzie has also trained in first aid for babies.

Choose from a bespoke one-to-one session that includes onsite massage for mum in the comfort of your own home.

And for babies over 6 weeks join my 4 week courses at Animo, 475 Roman Road, E3

Learn how to massage baby to ease wind, holds to calm and moves to help encourage good postureLearn how to massage baby to ease wind, holds to calm and moves to help encourage good posture

Pictured here her monthly 4 week Developmental Baby & Mum Massage courses, Monday mornings at Animo Yoga Studio, Roman Rd, E3, where mums receive a relaxing shoulder massage too!

Aromatherapist & baby massage teacher Suzie of soothe-me Skincare,

Suzie says…

“Practicing baby massage helped me to form a bond with my son after a difficult birth, allowing me to gain deeper physical awareness of him, helping release body held birth trauma and for us to connect, it was a way for us to begin to tune into each other and for me to start to understand his body language

Especially helpful as my little son suffered with Torticollis (wry neck), terrible colic and silent reflux in his early months, during this time I gained great first hand experience of what helps. For me teaching developmental baby massage to new parents is the most rewarding job I do.” 

Book a holistic baby massage workshop with Suzie

Learn wonderful calming developmental baby massage techniques, moves and holds in the comfort of your home.

Your workshop will be tailored especially to you and your babies needs.
Massage can help ease wind and encourage deeper healing sleep, moves and holds can help promote good posture, release facia, ease colic, reflux and help to correct Torticollis (wry neck) which is best done in the early months. 

Your workshop will end with a tension release shoulder massage for mum – to help calm, relax and settle your nervous system after the epic event of giving birth.

Included – beautiful little gift set of Award winning Super Baby Oil + mini Yum Yum Balm for your baby & you.

Hand made skincare gift for new mums and babies




“The time we spent doing massage felt like a tranquil escape from the rest of hectic London life and receiving a shoulder massage myself afterwards was priceless, it was the perfect gift!”Rebecca & Baby James

“Francis was born early and colic with reflux caused her distress in the early days, Suzie was amazing at showing us how best to hold and massage her to help ease her pain. It was incredible the difference in Francis after the workshop”  Emma & Baby Francis 

“Since doing the course my baby now enjoys a daily massage during nappy-off  time. Many of our friends & family have looked on jealousy & commented that they’d love the same treatment to get them in the mood for sleep!”  – Tuanne & Baby Etienne

“Baby massage with Suzie is the most enjoyable and beneficial class we do. The tailor pose swing is such fun too!  The moves and massage are such a valuable thing to learn and great way to release Henrys wind! I particularly loved the shoulder massage for mum at the end” – Katie & Baby Henry

During her time teaching baby massage she has worked with thousands of parents and babies in particular helping young babies with difficulties like wind, colic, reflux, club foot, also massage for premature babies and babies with heart conditions.

Suzie teaches Developmental Baby Massage Workshops in and around areas of East London: Including: Bow, Stratford, Hackney wick, Hackney, Canary Wharf, Wanstead, Walthamstow. Postcodes E12, E2, E3, E6, E9, E15, E20, E12 & more!

Qualifications & Professional Training 2023 – Continuous professional training: Developmental Baby Massage, Peter Walker (online) 2019 – 2024 Working with Babyem maternity nurse training 2016 & 2013 – Baby First Aid 2010 – Baby Learn, Stretch & Play, Gail Berry of Blossom & Berry 2008 – Baby Yoga, Gail Berry of Blossom & Berry 2005 – Developmental Baby Massage, Peter Walker The Active Birth Centre in North London.

Suzie also used her expert knowledge combined with her BAhons graphic information design & illustration skills to create the images for a global baby massage leaflet with IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) in 2008.

Suzie’s other therapeutic qualifications 2023-24 – Root Cause Practitioner (Roocausepractice) 2023 – Buteyko – Optimal Nose Breathing, Oxygen advantage 2022 – LabCannamist – working with CBD for wellbeing, Colleen Quinn 2022 – LabTerpene – Understanding Chemicals or plants including Terpenes, to curate Aromatherapy blends with unique scents & powerful therapeutics, Colleen Quinn 2022 – Face Yoga Teacher Training, Danielle Collins 2018 – Face Lift Massage 2006 – Chavutti Thai Body Work & Massage 2004 – Onsite Japanese Acupressure – Seated Massage 2004 – Aromatherapy ITEC 2003 – Holistic Massage ITEC 2002 – Anatomy & Physiology ITEC