Soothe-me was founded in 2006 by Suzie Hacker, Aromatherapist and holistic skincare therapist.

Created initially to offer natural gentle face creams with healing essential oils as an alternative to widely available synthetic skincare with fake fragrances that Suzie and her mum were unable to use due to allergic reactions skin sensitivities.

Soothe-me’s is now a Multi Award Winning natural skincare range, of beautiful plant based products that work with your skin naturally, all thoughtfully created to be kind to the planet AND good for your body. Each product is handmade with integrity from sustainable, ethically produced ingredients, all packed in eco conscious packaging.

If you are local to East London you can also use the refill service that Suzie offers to save on packaging waste. Soothe-me is also a resource for natural wellness,  Suzie offers one to one coaching and you can join skincare workshops with a focus on the health benefits of pure essential oils and most recently high quality CBD range (launching soon! – June 22).  

Founder Suzie believes that by learning how natural skincare benefits the skin, the body AND the planet we can help to create conscious skincare ambassadors, who make more educated ‘clean & green’ beauty choices and who (hopefully) encourage others to do the same. She teaches natural skincare workshops to all ages both in person and online. 

– Skincare Workshops –

Try one of Suzie’s fun and educational skincare workshops or one to one coaching. 
“Teaching is such an integral part of what I do, I love the dynamic side of workshops, how they include all the  senses and allow for discovery, play and questions! It’s a fun way to teach others how to take control of their skin health, to uncover their happiest skin and to encourage good self-care through a simple daily skincare ritual. (These classes are online via zoom and watch for workshops on instagram live)

– The Skincare Range –

Created as a ‘natural alternative to mass-produced skincare, Soothe-me is designed to act like natural health food for the skin. Since it was founded in 2006 its have won several natural beauty products awards including GOLD for the Sensitive Hand cream and the Yum Yum balms, best baby skincare product for the Super Baby Oil and runner up for the Brilliant Face serum oil.
Soothe-me has #localisedproduction – it’s hand-crafted in small batches in East London.

– The Ingredients –

Cold pressed & organic oils, wild harvested botanical and herbal tinctures,
Natural clays & minerals ethically sourced
Essential oils, fairtrade plant oils and nut butters.
Sustainable, organic and plant based vegan kind, all are cruelty free

FREE FROM: Palm oil, synthetics such as Silicones, Parabens, Sodium lauryl Sulfate and Petrochemicals
Methylisothiazolinone (MI) and Oxybenzone.

– The Packaging –

Consciously and carefully selected to be kind to the planet
Recyclable, recycled and as #plasticfree as possible
Refills offered to local customers, enquiries welcome. 

– Giving Back –

From part of the profits soothe-me give back to local and UK based charities and causes. Find out more here