Suzie’s Story

Suzie of soothe-me sustainable skincareSuzie is a qualified Aromatherapist and Face Yoga Instructor, is also accredited in Holistic Massage, Face Lift Massage, Acupressure massage, Chavutti Thai and Baby Massage. She has an incredibly deep knowledge of essential oils, wellbeing and self care through skincare.

Suzie grew up in the uk countryside, enjoying the outdoors, nature, plants, making flower petal potions and looking after animals. Being a red-head she had always had sensitive (quite often unhappy) skin with hayfever, allergies, eczema, hormonal acne all making it a over-reactive to standard skincare.

So after some (well actually lots of) fun studying arty-designy stuff in London, Suzie embarked on a successful career in design and advertising. Settling in East London, life was going well, but she still felt the pull of a different calling, (flashbacks of  memories making rose petal potions in her grandparents’ garden) and she began to develop a little side hustle…  

In 2004, emerging as a newly qualified holistic & aromatherapy massage therapist, Suzie began using her new knowledge to create three different aromatherapy body oils to use in her therapy treatments…
1. To calm & ease anxiety
2. To energise & boost immune
3. To refresh & focus a racing mind

(And of course she designed her own labels.)
These three unique body oil blends were very popular with clients, so Suzie began to sell them on her onsite-massage stall at Spitalfields every Sunday. This was a little beginning of what was to come.

And now for the FIRST TIME in her life because of using her own NATURAL SKINCARE Suzie finally had healthy HAPPY SKIN. It was amazing! Previously, nothing she had tried had helped. In fact, mass-produced (synthetic laden) skincare had worsened the problem and often caused skin reactions or more dryness, and she’d nearly given up expecting anything to change.  But now, awakened to the incredible healing power of natural skincare, she was driven to formulate a special  range suitable for even very sensitive skin, the adventure began …

– 2006 Soothe-me Ltd is founded –

Offering the three original  (award-winning) aromatherapy body oils, concentrated hand creams, lip balms and a herbal ‘skin calming’ cream (requested by Suzie’s mum to ease Rosacea and now a best seller!), Soothe-me was born.

In 2008, Suzie added the Super baby oil, designed especially to ease her son’s eczema which went on to win ‘Best Natural Baby Skincare Award with Green Parent Magazine. 

The little range has continued to grow, and Suzie now runs regular workshops and offers bespoke custom made skincare service too.