Aromatherapist Suzie’s Story

Suzie is a Holistic Aromatherapist (Essential Oil Therapist) and is certified in the use of CBD to help with optimal wellbeing.

Qualified to teach self guided Face Massage and Face Yoga that releases held tensions, encourages lymphatic flow, improving skin and uplifting mood.

She is also an experienced practitioner of Holistic Massage, Chavitti-Thai Body Work, Energy Work and Acupressure onsite massage.


 Suzie has an incredibly deep passion & knowledge of essential oils and a particular interest in their beneficial effect on our body energetics. She loves to share how you can incorporate them and CBD into your life for wellbeing through a fun ritual of self-care.

Suzie grew up in the uk countryside, enjoying the outdoors, nature, plants, making flower petal potions and looking after animals. Being a redhead she had always had sensitive (quite often unhappy) skin with hayfever, allergies, eczema, hormonal acne all making it a over-reactive to standard skincare.

So after some (well actually lots of) fun studying arty-designy stuff in London, Suzie embarked on a successful career in design and advertising. Settling in East London, life was going well, but she still felt the pull of a different calling, (flashbacks of  memories making rose petal potions in her grandparents’ garden) and she began to develop a little side hustle…