The Truth about BPAs and Phthalates

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The Truth about BPAs and Phthalates

By Annabel Wyatt.

With recent speculation about BPAs and phthalates having carcinogenic properties, what better time to start going green but now? With a whole wealth of green beauty available today – let’s banish nasty BPAs and phthalates and start off the New Year with a fresh, green start!

Where are they found?

Phthalates can be found in almost every house hold product you own (probably) it’s used as a cosmetic softener in plastics, and as an emulsifier in cleaning products, paints, glues and varnishes and anything else you can think of that is plastic natured or emulsified.

Phthalates were once used in soft plastic or rubbery toys for children and babies, but have since been banned in the EU due to toxicity regulations. Watch out for any old or donated plastic toys you have in your home as these may still contain phthalates.

BPAs are used to harden plastic, make it shiny and clear, think plastic bottles, food storage and anything that’s clear and plastic!

ingestion of BPAs and phthalates can be caused through environmental waste disposal, food and drink served in plastic packaging or even inhalation around the home through various household products.

BPAs and Phthalates

BPAs and Phthalates

What effects do BPAs and Phthalates have?

Research has been carried out suggesting that BPAs and phthalates can create a carcinogenic effect when a person has high exposure levels over a period of time.

There are also claims these chemicals lead to prenatal growth problems in unborn babies and even hormonal disruption adjusting behavioural characteristics in babies, although, most research is based around animal subjects.

How can I rid my home of BPAs and Phthalates?

Chances are you can’t 100% rid your home of these chemicals or objects/ substances that contain these chemicals either, but you can start with the little things and the products you use.

Read labels of cleaners and washing liquids, discard any containing BPAs/phthalates or any that are old or past their use by date.

You can also banish phthalates from you and your family’s beauty regime by switching or organic, natural and eco products too, start with a great all round dry skin cream that everyone can use <link to SM> or check out ____’s makeup range here <link>. Look for products kept in glass containers or invest in some BPA free plastic posts you can use to decant into when travelling.

BPA and Phthalate free products.

As well as soothe-me HQ creating some delectable phthalate free skincare goodies for the whole family, there’s lots of great home cleaning to try including_____,_____  <links>and check out _____’s <link>blog for great green ideas for keeping your home fresh!

Keep food in BPA free storage too, there’s a whole market out there for safe clean food storage so luckily there won’t be a problem in finding great reliable safe storage for your leftovers and lunches, try ____, _____ or ______. <Links>


We want to her your thoughts on phthalates, their effects and what steps you’ve taken to banish them from your household, get in touch or find us on social!

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