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“Of all our senses, smell is the one with the strongest memory… Aromatherapy connects to the limbic brain, instantly soothing your nervous system”

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Skin Therapy Clinic

Are you in need of some skin therapy?

Skin Therapy Clinic with Suzie

How are you breathing?

Join me for this taster workshop online, May 28th…

harness the power of your nose, learn how to breath through your nose for optimal health
Create your own aromatherapy skincare workshops with soothe-me, East London

Aromatherapy, Skincare & Wellbeing Workshops

Fun and inspiring way to discover effective holistic selfcare, essential oils, natural skincare, and how to breathe optimally through your nose!

Suzie, founder of soothe-me is a highly experienced Holistic Aromatherapist, Natural Skincare Exert, Face Yoga & Face Massage Instructor.

Suzie beautifully combines these skills to offer you tailored workshops for your Workplace, Party or Event – Simply book your discovery chat today.

Want to sleep better?

Make your own Magnesium Foot Spray with essential oils to encourage better sleep & dreams!

How to make a DIY magnesium foot spray

Soothe-me - Earth Positive Business

Turning my company into a force for good!

To help reduce carbon and plastics in the environment I joined Greenspark!
This way we can ensure that Soothe-me has a positive impact on our planet and its people.

Go and check out our impact so far!…

Get Mads | Plastic & Carbon Offset