Earth Kind Glitter – Green Serene – CHUNKY Glitter


#plasticfree #ecoglitter #biodegradable  Beautiful green-serene chunky green face glitter



Green-Serene CHUNKY Glitter pendant bottle!
Deep beautiful green-turquoise CHUNKY glitter.
Choose from 6g bottle (sturdy glass) with solid cork stopper or 3g re-useable plastic pot.

Made from biodegradable sustainable plant cellulose, of Eucalyptus trees that will degrade when it meets soil or water. But not instantly so you get to enjoy wearing it but know that it won’t harm the planet either if it falls on the ground or if washed into water systems or swam off should you take a dip! It’s also more gentle for your skin as it’s softer and less likely to scratch.

To use just apply a little Yum Yum skin balm the apply glitter on top, looks stunning on eyes like eye shadow or create your own sparky look. Enjoy! The Super Baby Oil is also good as an oil cleanser to remove the glitter.

#plasticfree #ecoglitter #biodegradable



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