Probiotics as skincare

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By Annabel Wyatt

So we’ve heard all about what the benefits of probiotics are for the body, but what about probiotics as skincare too?

Think about this: if eating natural probiotics is said to restore the body’s balance of good bacteria in the gut, them imagine what it can do outside of the body! This isn’t a new discovery either, skincare and masks have been used in places such as India for generations to help create a natural glow, calm inflammation and reduce fine lines. There are even stories about Cleopatra taking baths in yoghurt and milk to keep her skin young and beautiful.

But does this mean we should all run to the fridge and grab our yogurt pots and start rubbing it into our face? Well errm… yes! Just make sure you’re using the natural unsweetened kind and definitely without flavouring.

Face Mask:

Just like with any other facemask, start with a cleansed face and keep your hair tied back as well. Mix a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt with just a couple of drops of fresh lemon, or lime, juice (not too much as lemon and lime juice is acidic and can burn), which is great for evening skin tone and reducing pours. Next add a teaspoon of good quality honey (Manuka if possible?) to moisturise (see sugar on the skin article here) and mix well. Do a quick patch test of the mixture on the soft skin in the crook of your arm, if no adverse reaction then apply the mask all over the face, taking care around the delicate the eye area, and while keeping your face relaxed, wait for 10-15 minutes. Remove the mask with a warm flannel or muslin cloth (link) and spritz skin with a pure floral water toner (link) and/or apply a moisturiser as usual such as our Gorgeous cream (link) for a super natural facial.

Bath Milk:

While running a hot bath, take a tablespoon of yoghurt or the facemask mixture and add it to the bath water for moisturised skin. You can also massage your yogurt mixture all over your skin and face before stepping into the bath for an extra skin kind treat!

Used weekly, a yoghurt mask or bath should help to reduce scarring, pours and blemishes as well as leaving the skin soft, glowy and moisturised! Wow who knew all of this was just sitting in the fridge right?

Leave a comment below telling us if you’ve ever used yoghurt as skincare and what recipes you have for yogurt masks, we’d love to know at soothe-me skincare HQ!


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